Three injured in Noble rig damage

Damage on the Noble Lloyd Noble jackup is minor and the rig’s scheduled delivery in Q2 2016 will not be affected, but three workers sustained minor injuries.

A Sembcorp Marine spokesman told AOG in a statement that the firm is working with Noble Corp. to assess the damage on the newbuild, which took place on 28 February at 3.40pm.

A shore crane at Sembcorp’s Tanjong Kling yard was lifting a bundle of scaffold planks from Noble Lloyd Noble to the quayside. During the lifting operation, the boom of the crane came into contact with another crane on the rig, damaging the latter.

The damaged crane located in an isolated area of the rig had no personnel present at the time of the incident, but three workers nearby and onboard the rig were injured.

A Bangladeshi male national had a lacerated thumb and was given first aid onsite. He was sent to the Westpoint Family Hospital for a thorough check-up and certified to be well.

An Indian male national suffered a small cut at the back of his head, and was sent to the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital for treatment and discharged the same day.

Another Indian male suffered a lower left arm fracture and was sent to the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital as well for treatment, and was discharged on 1 March.

Sembcorp is continuing to monitor the condition of the injured workers, in addition to assisting the Ministry of Manpower with the incident investigation.

“All workers onboard the Noble Lloyd Noble at the time of the incident were promptly evacuated from the rig to the quayside via four gangways and accounted for by Sembcorp Marine’s health, safety and environment team,” the spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, work is continuing on all other projects at the Tanjong Kling yard.